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Finding the best online slots for Canadian casino players was easier said, than done! That is why we opened this site, so you can enjoy all the best online slots.

Who We Are

The team behind Canadian Slots have several years of experience from the online casino industry, and most importantly, we are real casino enthusiasts. This gives us a lot of knowledge about online casinos for Canadian players, and not to forget, online slots available for Canadian casino players.

What We Do

As we are working within the industry, we get a lot of news, and not to forget all the rumours we hear about new online slots. We know that this is something that no only we appreciate, so we will share this knowledge to you! This way you can get all the updates about what new slots we can expect, and you can also easily find another favourite slot by using our huge collection of online slots.

Other Sites

Currently we are also running another site for Canadian players. If you visit the site The Canadian Casino, you can read online casino reviews and test of all the best Canadian online casinos. This makes it easy for you to find a safe online casino, where you can enjoy the best Canadian slots with the best online casino bonus. For other international casino players, we have The Best Casino Bonuses Online.

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Do you have any recommendations of online slots you think we should make a review of? Or do you have any suggestions on how we can get even better? We appreciate all feedback on how we can get better! Visit our site Grump Boo Affiliation and write us an email, we will then see if there is something we can do, and get back to you as soon as possible.